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Batting gloves

Batting gloves are often used for training on the punching bag, in which, unlike boxing gloves Australia for competitions, the thumb is not sewn on, so that the gloves can be put on and taken off independently.

Another difference is the much thinner padding of the gloves, which allows better punch feedback and thus your own punching technique can be improved much more easily.

When training on the punching bag, it is not absolutely necessary to wear appropriate punching gloves, but it is highly recommended because depending on the punching technique, you can quickly get abrasions and other unnecessary injuries on your hands. At least wearing bandages is highly recommended.

The usual weight is in the range of: 8 to 12 oz

Sparring gloves

Boxing training with a real partner is called sparring. In this case, not only your own hands but also the body of the partner with whom the sparring exercises are to be protected must be protected.

Therefore, these types of mittens are much thicker than the batting gloves just described. The thicker padding also automatically increases the curvature in the front area of ​​the glove.

Overall, the sparring gloves are already very similar to the competition gloves that we are going to present next.

The usual weight is in the range of: 14 to 18 oz

Competition gloves

As already indicated, competition gloves are very similar to sparring gloves. However, they have to meet certain standards that are prescribed by national and international boxing federations.

Such standards include, for example, the thickness of the filling, the filling material used, the thumb sewn on and how the boxing gloves Australia are fixed to the wrist; usually always by means of lacing.

Corresponding competition gloves are usually significantly more expensive than the other two types and are specially marked by the manufacturer.

Different types of boxing gloves Australia are also differentiated according to weight

The usual weight is: 10 oz (The weight specification ounce, abbreviated to oz, corresponds to 28.35g.)

While 6 – 8 ounces is a good size for children and is sometimes also the competition size for lightweight or women, 10 ounces are the standard competition size par excellence. 12 ounces is a commonly used weight for punching gloves, so it is suitable for training on a punching bag.

From 14 ounces we are in the area of ​​sparring. 16-18 ounces are also intended for sparring or heavyweight fights.

The weight has to be right

The higher weight of the heavy training gloves protects the partner in the ring. In Europe, boxing gloves are the most important category at 10 oz. As already described, they are ideally used for competitions and are the gloves that boxers can do best. If you box just for fun or occasionally do a little sparring with friends, heavier gloves are also suitable.

The 12 oz gloves are also softer, not just heavier. For training and sparring, they are safer than the 10 oz gloves and allow you to get used to real hits. The 14 oz gloves are even softer. They are used almost exclusively in training and help you to build up more arm muscles. The intensive training with these gloves is gentle on the hand bones, you can also wear them when sparring.

16 oz is the right weight for your gloves if you want to train your strength endurance. The gloves challenge your arms and are good for increasing the punching speed during training. These gloves are a very good choice for sparring because they are very soft and attenuate the blows well.

Inside in a boxing glove?

Of course, you don’t just sweat in your boxing glove, but bandage your hands. Alternatively, you can wear a padded inner glove. Both measures firstly protect your hands and secondly serve hygiene.

Different materials have advantages and disadvantages

Gloves made of real leather are of course very noble, but it is not inexpensive. Leather cushions the effects of blows, so the material is just as important as the padding inside the glove. Artificial leather is an inexpensive alternative to leather, but it requires different care.

Original Old School are the classic boxing gloves made of real leather. The leather gloves are the equipment of professionals and experienced boxers for many years, because leather is durable, easy to care for and does not differ that much from synthetic leather in terms of hardness. But hobby boxers also like to use leather gloves.

Cowhide or goatskin?

Goatskin is considered to be a bit softer and more elegant, but is more expensive than cowhide. Both types of leather are heavy, sturdy material, the gloves can be 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz or more.

Several layers of padding

The stable padding in the boxing glove ensures optimal cushioning. This padding consists of different layers that must be securely glued together. If the quality is right, the glove will last a long time. However, if the upholstery only tears in one corner, the glove can quickly be completely torn.

EVA foam is a particularly high-quality padding layer. The foam has good cushioning properties and is extremely durable. If you want to use your boxing gloves for sparring or in a competition, the thumb fixation must also be stable. It usually consists of a fine nylon ribbon.

This nylon band can be supplemented with a leather band that is sewn to the glove over the length of the thumb.

Women box differently

In general, women do not need any different boxing gloves Australia than men. However, if women are into pink, they will not find what they are looking for in the men’s collection. Another thing is the shape of the hand. The boxing gloves especially for women are cut a little narrower, they fit better. This also applies to boxing gloves, especially for young people. Women generally box with 10 oz gloves in competitions and sparring, the combat glove weighs 8 or 10 oz.

Excursus: Bandages protect bones and joints

Again and again you hear the question of whether the bandages are really necessary. The bandages protect joints and bones from injuries. The boxing gloves cushion hard blows, but still have high impact forces on the hands and wrists. You can only prevent sprains and injuries with the protective bandages, not with the boxing gloves alone. And it doesn’t matter how high quality the gloves are.

The bandages distribute the force of the punctual loads evenly and thus take the force out of them. This is also an issue when training on a punching bag: Boxing bandages are really a good idea in conjunction with gloves. But the bandages can only protect your hands and wrists if they are professionally wrapped.

Measure the circumference of the hand below the knuckles for the correct size

To determine the correct size of your boxing gloves, measure the circumference of your hand below the knuckles. You don’t include the thumb. Are

If you are right-handed, you measure the circumference of your right hand, if you are left-handed, the circumference of your left hand is decisive. Experience has shown that the hand circumference is 17.5 cm to 22.5 cm for women and up to 24 cm for men. Often the gloves are only available in one size and differ in weight.

Classic sizes are:

15.4 cm – 17.8 cm: size S

17.8 cm – 20.3 cm: size M

20.3 cm – 22.9 cm: size L

22.9 cm – 25.4 cm: size XL

These sizes refer to boxing gloves Australia for teenagers and adults. Children’s sizes differ from it.

Relationship between manufacturer and price

Brands like Everlast and Leone are leading providers. Imitation leather gloves are available from CHF 60 andb CHF 80, real leather gloves from CHF 100. The price depends on the quality and material.

Conclusion: Must sit well and be comfortable

The boxing glove must be well padded to protect the hand. It must not come loose, so it must sit firmly but not be uncomfortable. Leather is of higher quality than artificial leather, it is more durable, but also more expensive. Pay attention to the correct size!


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