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polo shirt australia

The polo shirt Australia is an ingenious invention. Comfortable and elegant at the same time, airy but still suitable for the office. The polo shirt was invented in its original form by the French tennis player René Lacoste – in 1933 when his sports colleagues still wore long-sleeved shirts with rolled-up sleeves. Since then – a year or two has passed by now – a lot has happened. The tops are now available in a wide variety of designs. We’ll show you the most common types of polo shirts.

What types of polo shirts are there anyway?
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Women vs. men
Short sleeve vs. long sleeve
Polo shirts with breast pocket
Polo shirts without a collar
Polo shirts with a stand-up collar
Polo shirts without a button placket
The fits

Men’s polo shirts vs. women’s polo shirts

The most important distinction when it comes to polo shirts is based on gender. Logical. The upper body of women and men differ very significantly in some points. Accordingly, polo shirt australia for women need a different cut than the models for men.

Polo shirts for women are more or less like an X-shape: wider around the chest, narrower around the waist and wider again around the hips.

In contrast, polo shirts for men are more like a V: wider at the top, narrower at the bottom.

Short sleeve polo shirt Australia vs. long sleeve polo shirts

The polo shirt, as René Lacoste made it socially acceptable back then, had short sleeves. After all, tennis is a sport that requires a lot of movement and one that tends to sweat. Short sleeves are much more comfortable. Since polo shirts are no longer just worn for playing tennis, but for every conceivable occasion, there is now also a long-sleeved version. As with the short-sleeved polo shirt, the same applies here: both casual and elegant.

Polo shirts with breast pocket

Probably nobody knows exactly what purpose the breast pocket serves on shirts. They are only used actively in the rarest of cases – after all, they don’t look particularly elegant with a pen or a notepad inside. Presumably the bags only serve as a playful gimmick. No matter. In any case, this accessory is also available for polo shirts. The breast pocket does not offer much added value. With or without it is a matter of taste. Your decision!

Polo shirts without a collar

A polo shirt without a collar? The fashion designer with the green reptile as the company logo would surely turn around in his grave. Of course you can ask yourself why you need a polo shirt without a collar. You can take a T-shirt right away. But: Then there would be no button placket again. Polo shirts without a collar have their place. And there seem to be enough buyers, otherwise they would not have been manufactured for a long time.

Polo shirts with a stand-up collar

Who does not know them: polo shirt Australia wearers who put up their collars. Opinions differ here. Can you put up the collar or not? For all those who like to have their collars up but don’t want to get involved in discussions with their fellow human beings, there are polo shirts with a stand-up collar . There is no other way. Best of all: You don’t have to pick up your collar every ten minutes and check whether it’s still up. Whether the standing collar is absolutely necessary is again a matter of taste. Your decision!

Polo shirts without a button placket

Obviously there is nothing that is not there. The button placket is missing on these polo shirts. Why? Good question. Because it looks good? Well We get around this point and say – as always – a matter of taste. Maybe the only reason the button placket is missing is so that more air can get to the chest. That can be very pleasant when hiking, for example. But the whole thing has not yet fully established itself.

The fits

People are “blessed” with the most varied of body shapes. Anyone who spends time in the outdoor pool from time to time can tell a song about it. The manufacturers have taken this as an opportunity to produce their polo shirts in different fits. So that everyone can find a model that suits their physique. Here we show you the different fits.

Slim fit

The variant “Slim-Fit” – “slim” is the English word for slim – are tight-fitting polo shirts. All of you who have a nice beer belly should refrain from this fit. The same is emphasized by this fit. It is not for nothing that the designation of the cut is freely translated as “suitable for slim”. Since the sleeves are significantly shorter here than in the classic version, “slim fits” are ideal for anyone who likes to show off their biceps.

Custom fit

So-called “custom-fit” polo shirts are cut a little more airy than the slim-fit version. The sleeves are the same length, however, so they are significantly shorter than in the “Classic Fit”. That naturally leads us to the question: For which figure type are custom-fit polo shirts suitable? In view of the combination of short sleeves and, at the same time, a more casual cut, we would say for all those who like to show their arms, but like to leave the texture of their belly to the imagination of the other person.

Classic fit

“Classic-Fit” is – as the name suggests – the classic variant. These polo shirts also have an airy cut, but in contrast to the “custom fit” fit, the sleeves almost extend to the elbows. The good thing about Classic Fit? Anyone can wear these shirts for almost any occasion.


Lately it’s kind of trendy that T-shirts reach almost to the knees. polo shirt australia wearers now also have this option. Oversized polo shirts are usually available in either a “custom fit” or a “classic fit” cut. The only difference is in the length of the shirt. Especially for the particularly muscular or otherwise voluminous among you, this fit offers a not to be despised advantage. This eliminates the problem that conventional polo shirts become a crop top due to certain curves.

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